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Let me share some absolutely fascinating facts about real pearls and Pearl Jewellery.

Updated: May 24, 2023

Natural pearls are like rare gems. They form when a tiny irritant, like a pesky grain of sand, gets stuck inside an oyster or mollusk. The clever mollusk fights back by coating the irritant with layers of nacre, which is a fancy mix of calcium carbonate and protein. This coating builds up over time and voila! A beautiful pearl is born. But here's the kicker—only about one in every 10,000 wild oysters actually produce a natural pearl. That's what makes them so darn special and hard to come by. this is why pearl jewellery is considered so special.

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Now, let's talk about cultured pearls. These babies are more available and easier on the wallet. You may ask yourself 'How?' Well, pearls farmers step in and give nature a helping hand. They introduce an irritant to oysters or mollusks, just like the real deal, and let them work their magic. The result is magnificent. Cultured pearls with the same makeup as natural ones! So, they're as beautiful and also are considered legit pearls, just created with a little human intervention and we all love it! ;)

Here's another cool thing—pearls rock a whole rainbow of colors, not just the typical white or cream. We're talking black, pink, lavender, silver, golden, and even groovy shades like blue and green. This is how pearl jewellery is so beautiful. The interesting fact is that the color depends on the type of mollusk that made it and the environment it hung out in.

But wait, there's more! Pearls have been hot stuff throughout history. They've always been associated with the fancy-schmancy jewellery, like wealth, royalty, and living the high life. Back in the day, people thought pearls and pearl jewellery symbolized purity and prosperity. So, you would often spot them adorning the clothing and jewellery of the rich, fabulous and famous. They've surely got that timeless charm that never goes out of style.

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